Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MISCODA week!!!!!!!!

My lovely family... haha

What’s up? Sounds like you guys had a blast in Vegas!!!!! That is awesome! I loved the pics! and it sounds like Max balled it up down there! way to go!!!! that’s ma bro! keep it up! ! work your guts out... keep up the good work! and I love all of your letters as well! - Max  - are you getting used to playing with all those kids? is it helping you tons to come back to box elder and just dominating everyone? I bet it is.

I LOVED the Easter package! Thank you guys so much!!! you guys are awesome! hahah and yes dad..... loved the ball;) haha play with it at nights;) haha and yes I got my new card and all the info and yes I did cut my other one up! thanks a lot!

I hope that all of your guys Easter was amazing! what did you guys do? What did you eat? I hope also that all of you came closer to Christ this weekend!

Easter here? um..... for me? um....... HOLY COW! I’ve had so many once in a lifetime opportunities in this week alone..! you’ll never believe it and don’t get too jealous! ;) SO! this week was a normal week of studying and hard work.. which is good! I’m making so much progress on the language.. truly the gift of tongues.. because no one could get or understand this language without it! haha I can actually have a full on convo with my teachers now! it’s truly amazing! headaches are paying off;) ! ha

BUT... the weekend was a completely different story!!!!! so as you know I was able to pass on Sunday and it was an amazing meeting.. oh it was so cool and the spirit was so strong and there were SO MANY people there! and I got to sit on the front row because I was passing to them! and we didn’t know exactly who was coming until the day of! so! the meeting was at 10:00 in the morning and I had to be there at 7 to get ready! and guess who we found out who was coming?!?!? Pres. Uchtdorf!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!! I don’t know if you guys know this.. but the MTC hasn’t had a member of the first pres. come in over 2 decades! SO it was such a rare thing! what an amazing opportunity it was to be sitting 10 ft from an apostle and prophet! and to pass!!! so nervous... yes! ha but it was the coolest opportunity ever.... and then he gave a great talk on the resurrection and peter.. and Fearing no person. it was truly amazing. and then he gave a very powerful apostolic blessing to everyone and the spirit was sooooooooo strong it was amazing! :)

THEN! you’ll never believe this part.... I wouldn’t believe it myself except it happened to me! after he was done speaking and we all stood up for when he left... he came down off the stage.. paused.. turned back around.. and started walking right towards me!!! I was like.. what in the world is going on...?!?!?! then he kept coming closer and closer! he was heading right for me! he finally got to me and he extended his arm and looked me in the eyes and shook my hand and said " thank you for all that you are doing and will do. The Lord will Bless you" and then I said some words back.. and then he smiled at me and then he quickly shook 6 other elders that were by me and left! it was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced!!!! I actually talked to him and shook his hand! it was sooo cool! and I was really surprised at how tall he was.. or wasn’t? ha I thought he was super tall but I looked at him at eye level.. only like an inch taller than I was! it was soo cool. you can just feel the spirit radiating from him! It was amazing!!!!! once in a life time for sure.

Then Tuesday.... ANOTHER apostle came... Elder Oaks! (this never happens in the mtc)  and I sat on the front row again! and he gave an amazing talk on and to missionaries.. and change.. and our calling.. and the blessings and keys to success. It was so good. I love when apostles get in your face and tell it as straight and as bold as they can! I love that!

So pretty much... I had an amazing week! it was a great Easter week. so many cool experiences and growth.

just a few info real quick.. my p-day is changing to Thursday... idk why? but that’s how it is! so be ready for that! then.. it’s crazy! 3- and a half weeks left in the mtc! in a week I get my flight itinerary  and all that! and actually.. the cool thing is that in Hungary.. you don’t need a visa! so there is no worries about that! all we need is our pass port! it’s crazy.. but I am so excited and ready. haha its killing me! those Hungarians... don’t know what’s coming there way!

anyway! I am glad that everyone is doing really well! I love you guys and miss you.. and pray for you every night! I hope you are grasping on to that iron rod tighter than ever before! keep writing me and updating me!

just was to leave you guys with quick spiritual thought... that you can use for one of the many family home evenings that dad loves to hold all the time;) haha ;)

it’s this:
I’ve been thinking a lot about greatness lately... and what it means to be great.
each of you ask yourselves.. what does it mean to be great? when you hear "great".. what is the first thing or person that comes to your mind? it probably is a famous person.. nba player. celebrity.. super successful business man. etc. when you are watching a football game or basketball game.. the announcers usually call a really good player "great" a lot don’t they? or a singer.. or etc. - then I started to think... how does the LORD use the word "great'?

turn to matt. 23:11   " But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant."  - the lord says that the great.... are those that serve. they serve others.

turn to matt 5:19 - "whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: BUT WHOSOEVER shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."

the lord is saying.. those who are GREAT... 1- serve others.  2- keep  and TEACH the commandments.

Being the best basketball player in history.. or being the best on your team.. or in the state.. or being the best singer.. or being the best business man.. making the most money.. playing in front of billions... having the perfect jump shot.. free throw... dance.. song... etc.. Doesn’t make you great! What makes you GREAT.. is just what Christ said.. serve and keep and TEACH the commandments. so then. I ask you. how great the importance is it to be a missionary at all times, in all places and in all things? how important is it to go on a mission? and for those who aren’t missionaries.. or at the age.. the same applies. we are all missionaries. and if we do these things I promise you that you will be called great and that you will become great!

just think about that in the upcoming week. ponder it. and never forget what’s most important.

I love you guys and miss you!

have the best week!!!!!!!

Watson Elder

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