Monday, May 12, 2014


My family!!!!!

What a great.. busy.. quick.. long.. hard.. easy.. spiritual.. trying.. testing.. week this week! YES IT IS possible to have allllll of those in one week. every day in fact! its true! ha but i can finally SEE THE LIGHT!!!! i can see the end of the mtc and i can see the day when i finally get to Hungary! today.. i haven’t yet.. but today i should be getting the flight plans.. soooooo as i have been notified.. from the most beautiful girl in the world... that you have heard the news!!! i can call on mother’s day!!!!!:) and I’ve heard you got the time right!? DONT FORGET!!! haha please :) i am really excited! only a half hour.. but it’s okay! it is the first time that they have done this in the mtc! tons of first since I’ve been here. it’s crazy! but yea! so I’ll be telling you all about the plans then!

I’m impressed at how fast you got the sprinklers done.. now max.. i need you to write me and tell me the truth... what was it like? hahah jk. but i am happy it got done! i can’t wait to come home and see the changes! and to get your pictures! good work. haha

i have seen kasen... and i talked to him and encouraged him. and well.. as far as i know.. he is in HAWAII!!! glad for him. I’ll tell ya what.. the honest truth.. is that the MTC is truly the refiners fire for some. not easy! but I’m glad he made it.

travel prep.. yes. they do have a weight scale and yeah. I’ll make sure it’s not. and ill tell ya the rest of the details on Sunday at 3:45!

phone.. i can just buy a bunch of prepaid cards here at the mtc before i leave.. they offer them here. so that is good. no need to buy me anything. and I’ll tell ya the times I’ll be calling on Sunday too after i get the flight info!

so as far as my week went.. sorry this is shorter than normal.. we have not much time. we have to go to this museum of art.. and it is cracking down on time on our day. they finally let us out of the MTC! haha csoda! ha but anyway.. not much happened this week that was too different than last week! just a normal week!

But there was one awesome.. experience.. ELDER HOLLAND CAME on Tuesday! i was shocked! i was sitting on the 3rd row.. and oh my goodness.. if you think this man has power when he speaks just watching him in General Conference... you should hear him in person in a more private setting.!!! he literally will yell. it’s amazing! i love it! he has so much passion. it’s great.

sorry but i am out of time! but i will write (letters) more and tell you more on Sunday! don’t forget! :)

i love you guys and hope you guys have a great week!
i miss you and love you!

Watson elder!


Hey my amazing family!

i loved all of your letters.. dear elders.. this week! i loved hearing all about how things are going and i am so glad that i don’t have to do sprinklers.. haha sorry max;) and btw. max. thanks for making my deepest fear a reality... that picture of the shark and me in the water surfing.. yea... hahah how did you do that!? it actually looked really cool!

But i am glad that all of you are doing well! makes me happy!

Mom! yes! i did get their package.. please tell them thank you! and i am sorry to all those that i haven’t replied yet... ha or for a long time. Kind of have a limited time doing this and kind of got to just write to everyone at once! - but mom! yes! please send me the cut out of the newspapers that I’ve been in and with the pictures.. dad better have chosen better ones.. haha geez. ha jk:) dad- i loved your letter and your talk. that was a very deep, interesting talk on the spirit and i loved it and i try to apply it and master the language of the spirit every day! thank you so much! love ya!

Yes i got the instructions... for the seminary video and stuff! and we are working that out right now. i will be able to do it. just I’ve had some thoughts on it and i might just write a letter now.. then do a good video out when i am actually in Hungary for next year’s start of seminary video on missionary work. we are working it out but i am really excited to do it! it’s an awesome opportunity!

and about the flight plans... i should get them next Wednesday.. so when i get them i will tell ya all about them. and yes. i do need pre-paid call cards.. but they have them at the book store here on campus so i will just buy a bunch of them before i go. i can call every time i land when i am on layovers i think that’s how it works. so i am so excited to talk to you guys! it’s going to be awesome! only 2 more weeks! crazy! but so excited to get out to Hungary!

and with the supplies mom.. i will count them up today and then write you what i will need. sound good?

So! about my week! it was a really great week again and we are getting soooooo lucky without devotionals! they NEVER get this many apostles!!!!!

so on Sunday.. actually... a member of the seventy came... and he’s actually came twice now.. he was the one who spoke the first Sunday i was here. and i sat on the front row and he delivered a very good message to the bran new missionaries. BUT! again... i got to stop sitting on the front row or something.. because every time i do... something!!!!! HAPPENS! - so he was giving his talk on sacrifices.. and how even Ammon.. the sons of Mosiah.. etc. has gone through the same feelings and same afflictions that we are going through right now.. and those really can’t be explained until you are actually doing that.. i can try.. but you really don’t and can’t know what a mission is like until YOUVE BEEN THERE. it’s the weirdest thing! anyways.. he was talking about sacrifices... and he looked down at me and said... okay, elder, come up here. speaking to ME!!!!!!!!! and i was like.. micsoda...(what the miracle in Hungarian) and he had me get up in front of everyone and get on the big screens.. and it’s being broadcasted to all the other mtcs... and he had me tell everyone who i was, where i was going and what i sacrificed and why missionary work is so important. i was thinking.. oh geez... i could go hours on end on this subject! but i started to talk... and said where i was from where i was going... etc. and then i picked one thing i sacrificed.. and that was spending time with loved ones. and then he stopped me and asked everyone if they have been missing there families and loved ones and if they have sacrificed that same thing.. and everyone raised their hand.. and then he said.. okay continue.. and then i went on to talk about how important missionary work is and how the worth of EVERY soul is great in the site of god.. and i said a lot more things. but dad. don’t worry... i didn’t take up all his time like i did in priesthood leadership meeting with pres. shepherd ;) hahaha :) BUT it was the coolest experience!!!! i was sweating a little bit.. but it was good! such a cool and once in a life time opportunity again!!!!!!

then on Tuesday.. elder Christopherson came and spoke to us and gave a great great message on TRUST!
and i will share a quick quote at the end on what he said that i thought was so true.

but first, yesterday! another first for the MTC! they had me and my comp. Skype an actual Hungarian member and talk and give like.. a "family home evening" to them!!!!! it was the craziest thing! i was so nervous. and they talked so fast!!! BUT! it was so beneficial.. i learned 2 things. 1- i have a lot to work to do. but 2!!! i could actually talk.. back and forth, and understand most of what they were saying! and i could deliver a message and they could understand me just fine!!!!! crazy!!! i can actually survive in Hungary!!!! haha so that boosted my confidence a lot! it was so cool.
so I’ll just end with the spiritual thought. .. like i said.. elder chisopherson talked a lot about trust.. and how we can have god trust us. but he said a very profound thing that i would challenge each of you that read this to ponder it in your hearts.... it’s this.: " it is GREATER to be TRUSTED.. THAN it is to be LOVED" now.. when i first heard it was like what.... the first great commandment is to love god and to love everyone else. and god loves all of his children.. but then i pondered.. and thought.. and it is so TRUE! god loves all his children.. but he only trusts a very select few... and why is that? well that is your assignment this week! and i want to hear what you find! :) YES ! you have to REPORT!:) haha but really! it’s a great thought! think about it.. we love our family.. we love a lot of people.. but do we TRUST them??!?! in a lot of instances.. no we don’t. even though we love them.. we can’t trust them. now.. it presents the question.. how can we gain gods trust and our loved ones trust? well.. that is your scripture study assignment! because those who god trusts... has EVERYTHING god has. his power. his word. his love. his will. and everything they pray for.. they will receive because god knows and trust that one that he will not ask anything against gods will. BUT! let us always remember David. the David of David and goliath..? he was an amazing man.. did so many great and wonderful things.. was a great leader and really in favor with god and man. BUT! He fell into temptation and lost his eternal salvation... one of the biggest tragedies in the scriptures... he will never have that eternal increase or happiness... because of one act. ---  WE MUST BE THOSE WHO GOD TRUSTS FOREVER. WE MUST BE THOSE WHO OUR LOVED ONES TRUST FOREVER.

i love you guys and miss you!

have the best week! and have fun finishing the sprinklers;) haha

love ya!

Watson Elder

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