Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MISCODA week!!!!!!!!

My lovely family... haha

What’s up? Sounds like you guys had a blast in Vegas!!!!! That is awesome! I loved the pics! and it sounds like Max balled it up down there! way to go!!!! that’s ma bro! keep it up! ! work your guts out... keep up the good work! and I love all of your letters as well! - Max  - are you getting used to playing with all those kids? is it helping you tons to come back to box elder and just dominating everyone? I bet it is.

I LOVED the Easter package! Thank you guys so much!!! you guys are awesome! hahah and yes dad..... loved the ball;) haha play with it at nights;) haha and yes I got my new card and all the info and yes I did cut my other one up! thanks a lot!

I hope that all of your guys Easter was amazing! what did you guys do? What did you eat? I hope also that all of you came closer to Christ this weekend!

Easter here? um..... for me? um....... HOLY COW! I’ve had so many once in a lifetime opportunities in this week alone..! you’ll never believe it and don’t get too jealous! ;) SO! this week was a normal week of studying and hard work.. which is good! I’m making so much progress on the language.. truly the gift of tongues.. because no one could get or understand this language without it! haha I can actually have a full on convo with my teachers now! it’s truly amazing! headaches are paying off;) ! ha

BUT... the weekend was a completely different story!!!!! so as you know I was able to pass on Sunday and it was an amazing meeting.. oh it was so cool and the spirit was so strong and there were SO MANY people there! and I got to sit on the front row because I was passing to them! and we didn’t know exactly who was coming until the day of! so! the meeting was at 10:00 in the morning and I had to be there at 7 to get ready! and guess who we found out who was coming?!?!? Pres. Uchtdorf!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!! I don’t know if you guys know this.. but the MTC hasn’t had a member of the first pres. come in over 2 decades! SO it was such a rare thing! what an amazing opportunity it was to be sitting 10 ft from an apostle and prophet! and to pass!!! so nervous... yes! ha but it was the coolest opportunity ever.... and then he gave a great talk on the resurrection and peter.. and Fearing no person. it was truly amazing. and then he gave a very powerful apostolic blessing to everyone and the spirit was sooooooooo strong it was amazing! :)

THEN! you’ll never believe this part.... I wouldn’t believe it myself except it happened to me! after he was done speaking and we all stood up for when he left... he came down off the stage.. paused.. turned back around.. and started walking right towards me!!! I was like.. what in the world is going on...?!?!?! then he kept coming closer and closer! he was heading right for me! he finally got to me and he extended his arm and looked me in the eyes and shook my hand and said " thank you for all that you are doing and will do. The Lord will Bless you" and then I said some words back.. and then he smiled at me and then he quickly shook 6 other elders that were by me and left! it was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced!!!! I actually talked to him and shook his hand! it was sooo cool! and I was really surprised at how tall he was.. or wasn’t? ha I thought he was super tall but I looked at him at eye level.. only like an inch taller than I was! it was soo cool. you can just feel the spirit radiating from him! It was amazing!!!!! once in a life time for sure.

Then Tuesday.... ANOTHER apostle came... Elder Oaks! (this never happens in the mtc)  and I sat on the front row again! and he gave an amazing talk on and to missionaries.. and change.. and our calling.. and the blessings and keys to success. It was so good. I love when apostles get in your face and tell it as straight and as bold as they can! I love that!

So pretty much... I had an amazing week! it was a great Easter week. so many cool experiences and growth.

just a few info real quick.. my p-day is changing to Thursday... idk why? but that’s how it is! so be ready for that! then.. it’s crazy! 3- and a half weeks left in the mtc! in a week I get my flight itinerary  and all that! and actually.. the cool thing is that in Hungary.. you don’t need a visa! so there is no worries about that! all we need is our pass port! it’s crazy.. but I am so excited and ready. haha its killing me! those Hungarians... don’t know what’s coming there way!

anyway! I am glad that everyone is doing really well! I love you guys and miss you.. and pray for you every night! I hope you are grasping on to that iron rod tighter than ever before! keep writing me and updating me!

just was to leave you guys with quick spiritual thought... that you can use for one of the many family home evenings that dad loves to hold all the time;) haha ;)

it’s this:
I’ve been thinking a lot about greatness lately... and what it means to be great.
each of you ask yourselves.. what does it mean to be great? when you hear "great".. what is the first thing or person that comes to your mind? it probably is a famous person.. nba player. celebrity.. super successful business man. etc. when you are watching a football game or basketball game.. the announcers usually call a really good player "great" a lot don’t they? or a singer.. or etc. - then I started to think... how does the LORD use the word "great'?

turn to matt. 23:11   " But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant."  - the lord says that the great.... are those that serve. they serve others.

turn to matt 5:19 - "whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: BUT WHOSOEVER shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven."

the lord is saying.. those who are GREAT... 1- serve others.  2- keep  and TEACH the commandments.

Being the best basketball player in history.. or being the best on your team.. or in the state.. or being the best singer.. or being the best business man.. making the most money.. playing in front of billions... having the perfect jump shot.. free throw... dance.. song... etc.. Doesn’t make you great! What makes you GREAT.. is just what Christ said.. serve and keep and TEACH the commandments. so then. I ask you. how great the importance is it to be a missionary at all times, in all places and in all things? how important is it to go on a mission? and for those who aren’t missionaries.. or at the age.. the same applies. we are all missionaries. and if we do these things I promise you that you will be called great and that you will become great!

just think about that in the upcoming week. ponder it. and never forget what’s most important.

I love you guys and miss you!

have the best week!!!!!!!

Watson Elder

Week 3 and 4

Week 4

Hey there family!!!!!!! :)

What a week! It went by really fast!  learned tons... and had some really cool experiences!
Sounds like everyone is doing really well!  I love getting the updates on how everyone is doing and i hope that you have a fun time down in Vegas this weekend!  Go rock em Max!  I am a little bit jealous about you guys going up in island park though... haha but it sounds like you guys had a great time and the cabin looked super cool from the pics!  Keep keeping me updated!

Okay! Q and A time.... thanks to dad and his many questions. haha jk, they’re good. I like em!
Funniest thing that has happened to me in the MTC was... wow.  Tough one. for real.. Probably listening to this one Elders laugh. ha no joke! he literally has the exact laugh that the hyenas do in lion king.. It is HILARIOUS! and its so loud. so in classs... we can hear him from down the hall and I crack up every time.
um... idk how i can be a host.. and really... i don’t have that time to spend my whole p day picking missionaries up... but i will definitely be looking for him.

hahha when i see a new missionary? haha i feel so bad.. haha only if they knew what was coming.... ha they have that deer in the head lights look... it’s funn, but i feel sympathy for them. first week is definitely an adjustment.

ha, actually... i got a haircut last Wednesday! i was so nervous! cuz i didn’t know how it was going to look! but this guy.. he’s been doing it for 35 years.. and he did a really good job. looks like normal! - dont worry dad.. not as good as you;)

Thank you cards.. nem. i haven’t had time. but i will try to get em done this week.

Hungarian is coming along so good,.. it’s amazing how much you learn and progress each week. its definitely the gift of tongues... i can give all of the lessons without using notes.. i have all the vocab in my head. so that is nice. the hardest part about it is making sentences. there are so many conjunctions its ridiculous.... you can literally make 4 words.. turn into one. and there is no sentence structure so it’s really hard.. you have to listen very closely.. Hence the headaches. lol

Basketball.. nem. sometimes i go and shoot.. but really.. i just enjoy working out. because the people playing ball.. um. yeah. it’s not that fun. or i would get hurt.. or.. yeah. ya know what i am sayin. when i do play a game.. its volleyball. it’s fun and competitive.

i dont... sorry Luke! no foursquare!

my fav. treat is kit kats... but my Hannah Rose has taken care of that one relallllly well. ha. :)

we all have different personalities and you really have to be patient.. sometimes i feel like i am with a bunch of college immature kids. but i straighten them out.. don’t worry. they like me. ha

it feels soooo good to be half way done! first couple weeks went by slow.. but it’s starting to go faster. now that  a month is down especially.

still on the top bunk.. and yes. we are planning to.

no i HAVENT GAINED ANY WEIGHT,.... psh. are you kididng? haha i weighed my self and i am 203 right now. if anything.. i gained a kicsi muscle and have gotten really ripped... i told ya i was going to! ha kicsi dad.. kicsi.

I’ve spent.. idk. not alot of it. i dont have anything to spend it on.

So yeah!!!!

So this week! some really cool experiences have come up! so first of all.. it was a normal stufy... class.. food... workout.. week! and nothing really happened.. except for sunday and tuesday! yesterday Elder Anderson came and spoke to us about the atonement and i sat right on the front row!!!! crazy! and it was broadcasted to all the other mtcs around the world. it was really cool. it was the frist time an apostle has came!

And then on sunday... okay.. here is the once in a life time experiece coming up.. this sunday is easter sunday and either pres. monson or holland is coming and we are having a HUGE sacrament meeting.. and guess what.. they asked me to pass the sacrament to them!! crazy huh!? who gets to pass to an apostle or prophet!?!?!? i am so excited and a little nervous. ha

So that was pretty much the week! Nothing too crazy happened. it is so rutine as you can imagine..

But keep asking questions! i love them and i love getting the letters and dear elders! thanks for everything! you have no idea how much it means and helps me!

I hope you guys have a great weekend in vegas! good luck Max! go kill it! just be you. and play with extremely high amount of confidence. don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!! - always remember the savior in all that we do. we are disciples of Christ.. we should ALWAYS act like it.

I Love you guys and miss you like crazy!

On to week 5! half way done! feels so good!

Love you!

Watson Elder.


Week 3

Hey Family!

How was your week this week? Getting ready to go to Vegas? How did you guys like General Conference? started digging up the back yard yet? How’s the basketball coming? Max- are you liking my room? my shoes? my socks? my clothes? hahah ;)

Well.. third week down! feels like forever! but it also has gone by quick at the same time? Weirdest thing! But this week went by really fast! nothing really happened that was too crazy! ha But of course General Conference! I feel like every talk was speaking directly to me. ha And it’s also very interesting how everyone picks out something totally different. Just goes to show that the prophets and apostles are truly inspired and that they will answer your questions and problems!

Just some of my favorite talks were..: Neil L Anderson where he talked to the youth and about the tornado story. And i especially loved the Tree analogy.. that trees that grow in the wind.. grow stronger roots and a stronger trunk. Rather than growing in no wind. Just like us, if we are facing adversity... we will grow stronger from that adversity. love it.

Pres. Eyring: Choosing the Right Always... brings happiness in time.
     Choosing to sin.. will ALWAYS... bring sorrow, regret. and guilt.. in time. This is so true. Why in time? because if it was immediate... it wouldn't build faith would it? It is necessary so that it will build our faith.

I really loved all of them... but just one more..

Pres. Uchtdorf: "Don’t sleep through the revolution."  Are we sleeping through the Restoration?? The Restoration isn’t just the Joseph Smith story.. it is an On Going thing. i thought it was a great thought for all of us. Are we doing our part in the restoration? we were all sent here to this earth at this time for that purpose. Are we doing it? or are we sleeping? - then i loved how he talked about addictions. really.. anything can become addictions. we always have to be careful.

Then one of the big things i got out of conference was to "trust in God" do we really understand what it means to trust in God? Do we really know the full meaning of it? i believe that we will all come to a point/ points in our life.. were we literally have nowhere else to turn but to God. I believe once that happens.. one truly learns how to really pray. how to really trust. and the meaning of the WHOLE GOSPEL takes a different outlook for the rest of your life. Until you actually experience it.. which the experiences will come.. we don’t really know the full meaning. It is so important that we keep building our testimonies.. so that we are ready for when our faith will be tried to its fullness, because it will.

Vocal point came and sang to us on Sunday night and then we had a former General Authority come and speak to us on Tuesday. Nothing else too crazy happened though. Just a normal.. MTC week! haha

I love all of your letters and Dear Elders! they mean more than you know to me! hope everyone is doing well!!

I love you guys and miss you guys like crazy! almost a month down!


Watson Elder

Saturday, April 5, 2014

2nd Week!

Hey Family!

Haha, I really struggle writing emails and letters because I learn so much in one day, let alone, one week, and I don’t even know what to start with!!!

But...! Hagy Vagy? How is everyone doing?! I read your emails and your Dear Elders and it sounds like everyone is doing great! What is the update for this week? What did you guys do? Was it fun? Are you guys ready for General Conference?? You all better be watching it!

First of all, thanks for the family pictures! You need to send some down to me. Although that wasn’t one of the best picture days of my life.... mom- we need to retake all of them. Ha. jk. They all look good. it was fun to look at them!

DL works by the branch president calling us as a DL. it’s a church calling and he does it through revelation. They don’t just pick people. and what a DL has to do is hold interviews with everyone in the district. carry out district meetings and goals 2 times a week. and then pick up and distribute the mail. You should see me getting the mail.... I’m like Napolean Dynamite.... "YES........." every time I get one. haha it’s funny. but other than that I have leadership meetings... etc. So yeah! not too bad, but it is really a great leadership opportunity. you have a lot of opportunities to give council, advice and blessings.

Thanks for sending my charger! I’m really surprised it lasted all the way till you sent it! I think my hair is growing faster in the MTC because I almost have to shave twice a day. haha. it’s terrible. Thanks for all the encouraging scriptures and advice! means a lot.

Alright! about the week!

First off... Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays and Saturdays are all the same. class... food. class... food. and more class. haha it’s really awesome. Hungarian is coming along very well! I am really starting to understand our teachers and everything that they say. haha but sometimes... actually 75% of the time I feel like pink panther.... hahaha Megprobaltatas..... haha it’s really hard to pronounce certain words with the correct sound for each letter. haha I start laughing in class because all I can think about is pink panther! “hamburger...." haha anyway. The language is coming along very well. I actually enjoy getting headaches at the end of the day now. ha

Sundays are so refreshing.. we had a great devotional and a great movie night ( where we watch past good devotionals) This Sunday... some of you might be jealous... but ha, David Archuletta came and sang for us. also Richard Elliot from the MOTAB came and played for us. it was a really uplifting meeting! Then we watched a devo by Elder Bednar.. he’s awesome.. he has great talks. He talked about Doctrines, principles.. and applications. and I would like to share some of what he said for my little... "spiritual Thought" for the week. haha.

So, the frame work of the gospel is built on Doctrine, principle, and applications. Think about it!  Just a quick example... and then you can find the rest on your own.. Home teaching. Doctrine. When home teaching isn’t going well... what does the Elder Q pres. do? he switches the comp. or the homes right? he focuses on the applications. This.. IS NOT how it works. Bednar said that we must focus on the Doctrine.. " true doctrine understood changes habits, and behaviors." teach the doctrine.. focus on the doctrine.. why do we really home teach? to watch over, be with, and minister unto families.
Let the doctrine teach the people.

PRINCIPLE= Answers the question of WHAT.

Really good advice.. hopefully that made sense.. haha if not.. don’t worry about it. ha :)

Anyway, just a couple more things that happened this week..
The MTC had this REAL investigator and they needed some missionaries to teach him. he is from Roy. and he will only listen to the missionaries here at the MTC for some reason? anyway. The pres. came up to me and asked if me and my comp would be able to teach him over Skype and then that this guy would come up every once in a while and then we can teach him face to face. SUPER cool opportunity! who can say they got a baptism in the mtc? haha. But, anyway. so on Monday we met him for the first time and taught him! face to face. during lunch time. His name is lance. he lives in Roy. went to box elder actually.. weird huh? and then he is divorced... his kids won’t talk to him.. and he is not happy. he knows he’s made so many mistakes. and he is scared. well we got to know him.. and then the spirit led us into the plan of salvation and the atonement and happiness. I’ll tell ya what.. When I was teaching him about the atonement of Christ and testifying I knew that God would forgive him.. and that he can be happy.. the spirit was so powerful that I felt it and I knew he felt it. it was great.! It really gave me that true love of god. and I knew that I wasn’t speaking.. it was the spirit speaking though me. once I started talking.. my vocab changed.. simplicity started.. and power came out. it’s amazing. and it all came through obedience and prayer. I can’t wait for more of those experiences. it’s good to teach him because it gives me something to look forward to and prepare for during the week. rather than just sit in class all day every day. it’s a blessing. Anyways... we committed him to watch general conference. and to read the pamphlet of the plan of salvation and to read the Book of Mormon ch. 32 and 34. It was great. neat experience.

Tuesday devo was good.. not as good as Sundays.. but it was good.! I went to the temple this morning and did inititories. and it was great! the temple is so refreshing.. got all my clothes washed and pressed for the upcoming week.. and now writing you! we have to teach a lesson tonight in Hungarian... whoo.. pray for me. haha jk. The spirit has got this. ha.

Overall... the second week in the mtc was much better than the first! I think I finally adjusted. thank goodness. haha. but the spirit is so strong here and you literally, if you’re watching and are obedient.. you receive revelations after revelations here. it’s quite amazing... But,... I’ll be honest. I am so anxious to get out there and start teaching. thats what I love!

Anyway! all is well!!!!!!!! hopefully this gave you a good update! come back with questions so that I know what to write next week!

I love and miss all of you. time will start to fly! I know it!

Hope all is well back home!

Love you guys!

Watson Elder