Friday, March 28, 2014

1st Week in the MTC

Szia csalad!!!

Alright, now a little bit about me.... First week down at the MTC.... Michoda!!!!!! (Holy miracle) It feels so good to have a week down... but let me tell ya. That week was probably one of the hardest weeks i have had in my life. ha. Actually i am certain it was! right now i dont even know what to tell you because i have learned so much. ha. Literally!! IF YOU EVER want to know how much someone can grow in one week.... just send them to the MTC for a week. You’ll find out real fast! A day seems like a week... and week seems like a day! it’s so true! These are the longest days of my life! i feel like I’ve been here for 3 months already and i am just starting! ha. but it’ll get better and faster as time goes on i know that.
So, i have so much to tell you! Wednesday, was crazy obviously. i got my badge... i feel so cool now, ha. then i got all of my room info and everythings. then we just had a bunch of orientation stuff! Thursday, i got put in as the DL and i have 10 Elders/sisters in my district. They are all great people! my comp. is Mellor Elder. he is from Washington. He likes to play football and lift... SO thanks goodness!@!!!! Getting swoll down here! haha jk dad. But he is a good guy.

Our dorms are good size. they have 2 bunks in them. i sleep on the top bunk... ask me if i like that... NO! ha i feel like i am going to fall off all the time. BUT my fan does wonders! thanks dad! The food down here is okay! just normal college food. i am watching what i am eating though so that is good. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all pretty much the same. we spent all morning in the same class room, not very big, studying Hungarian. Then lunch, then back to the classroom till dinner. same classroom. Hungarian. Then the same till bed time. I am not joking. Is it really tasking on your mind being in the same room and buildings and not seeing the outside world or getting up to do anything? and my teacher hasn’t said a word of English to us. haha yeah its tasking. and it’s a major change. it’s difficult. it’s an adjustment. That’s why i am so glad one week is down! hopefully things will go by faster and easier now.

You got my picture with the Hungarian ambassador right? That was awesome! first time in MTC history! He called on me. only me, and asked me in Hungarian why i am on a mission and what have you learned? after two days of being there i bore my testimony and said why i was on a mission in Hungarian! talk about the gift of tongues! That was really cool! i can say my prayers, testimony, teach about family and prayer, and great people all in Hungarian so far! It’s quite amazing how much you progress and learn in one day. I mean... we are in the classroom 15 hours a day. Literally. so we better be progressing fast. ha. But that’s that!

Sunday, we had sacrament, and elders quorum.. and leadership meetings. all great! my president is President Hutchings. great guy. Then we had a Devotional by the Church Headquarters Missionary pres. He gave a great talk that was totally to me. It lifted my spirits and gave me motivation. Monday was a normal day, of studying.

Then Tuesday, we had a member of the seventy come and give us a talk. Great talk..... again, once again to me. He said the lord gives us trials.. and things don’t go exactly how we want them to because the lord Wants a better "elder Watson" Just like Nephi when he went to go get the gold plates.. things didn’t go as planned, he was first chased my guards and then beat up by his brothers. When this man of faith, was asked to do the lords will... he gets this? why? Because the lord wants a better Nephi. As Nephi had faith and went through that adversity... he obtained the plates and from there on out he had greater confidence in the lord and faith in the lords ways of doing things. If we do it the lords way... IT ALWAYS works out. I think that is a great lesson for all of us to remember in time of trial. Geez... there is so much to tell you all! But i will try and write letters as much as i can. i love writing them and i love getting them! All is well here at the MTC. But i will never look at a Mission the same way again. They could at least warn you about this struggle before you come in ya know?... haha But hey! "everyone wants to go out into the field.. but no one wants to go through the MTC."----- " everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die!" Gotta push thought the MTC!;)
But i love all of you. and i really miss all of you. you are all in my thoughts and prayers! remember we are always together forever!!! ----> mom:)  i love you!

Next email next week i will have more time to write some funny stories and stuff. ha :)

But if you could forward this to everyone that would be great:) thanks!

Remember..... The Lord wants a better .... " ________" !!!!!! Its true! Faith faith faith!

Love you guys, Miss you!

Watson Elder ( the name is backwards in Hungarian.)

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