Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kis Pest

Hello my wonderful family! 
Once again, I really enjoyed each and every one of your emails that you all sent to me this week. I’m glad that Luke is recovering well and that everyone is excelling in all that they are doing. Mom, thanks for all the pictures that you sent to me this week of the quick island park trip.. It looked like so much just and I got a little bit jealous.. Ha. Dad sent me the summer schedule for all of you, and it looks super busy! Summer is going to fly that’s for sure! I hope everyone has a great last month of school! Finish strong! The Lord wants finishers in life! 
This week in Budapest wasn’t too crazy. We were so busy meeting with people and traveling from place to place that we didn’t have much time to do anything else! The work here is really starting to pick up. This week there was a total of 80 people in sacrament meeting and we had 11 investigators there! The Heavens are truly opening up here in Kis Pest! Our District has been getting along really well together and we work really well together. This last week we came up with this great idea for finding more people to teach through using out talents. Here in Budapest there are tons of colleges in our area, and there is also this very nice ball court right by the Duna River up by the capital building. We are going to be making special basketball flyers and we are also going to be advertising it really well. On every Saturday we are going to have liked a "basketball day" Where people can come and play with some Americans. It’ll kind of start like church ball does. We will start with a prayer and a little thought and then we will play. We have already got a lot of good feedback from a lot of people who said that they want to come. Obviously our target is young men. It’ll be just like English class.. But we will be doing it with basketball. I think it’ll be a big success because a lot of people play ball here. And then we will be able to set up with them after we play ball with them. I’m really excited for it. :) We will start next week! 
Speaking of next week! I have set up the skyping time! It will be Sunday may 10th, at 5 o clock my time.. And it will be 9 o’clock in the morning your time. Does that sound good to you guys?  Let me know if it is! 
So other than that.. We spent all of our time this week meeting with people and teaching them. We have some really cool investigators who are progressing great. Kenny is doing amazing. He is starting to read sentences and understanding them! The last time we met with him we had a very spiritual program and he wants to get baptized.. So we told him to pray about the day when he should get baptized. The only problem is that Kenny and his girl need to get married first. --- Alexandra, do you remember her? Well.. She has this new boyfriend.. And he has been meeting with the missionaries and has been reading the book of Mormon and has decided that he wants to get baptized and that he wants to marry Alexandra! It was so crazy when I found out. And then Zoltán ( that’s his name ) He called me and told me that he wants me to baptize him. So we will see if we can work it out with president so that we can meet up and I can baptize him! Then.... in Another Investigator who I found and was teaching has finally decided to get baptized and he is getting baptized this Saturday! And then another investigator that sterri and I found is getting baptized soon as well! -- The lord’s work here in Hungary is truly moving forward! It is so cool to see and witness! 
The Ward here in kis pest just keeps impressing me. On Saturday they had a ward party and we had a lot of our investigators there and without even asking them, warmly, and quickly came up to all of them and accepted them and started to be friend them. And then on Sunday the members even sat by them in church. It was so cool to see. It makes our job so much easier. SO! back home! if you ever see a new face.. if you ever see the missionaries bring someone in.. GO INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND BECOME BEST FRIENDS WITH THEM. It truly means everything to that new person. The first time going to church can be a very weird experience.. and that first time must be a great one. Make it great for them! 
My comp and the other two elders here in the city have recently been waking up at 6 and going running and working out in this really nice park and every other morning we play a little bit of basketball. It’s good for me to keep my shot, and keep my hops and spring in my legs. 
Anyway, I cannot wait to skype all of your in two weeks! It’ll be so good to see all of your faces and to hear all of your voices. After this skype session there will only be 1 left! So crazy! 
Just quickly I want to share with you what I’ve shared many times before.. That the amount of miracles that take place.. and the amount of success that we find in life.. and in the mission.. and within the family.. and in relationships with loved ones.. has been determined on how willing we are to sacrifice. Of course it’s hard and not easy. Of course it’s sometimes painful. Of course it requires you to walk down a road that not very many people have gone down.. but when you get to the end.. and when you don’t give up.. and when you continue to push through the hard times, even though you might get knocked down a couple times.... when you get to the end we you will say to yourselves.. " it was worth it." And thousands of miracles, blessings, and successes will replace all of that pain from your willingness to sacrifice. 
I love all of you guys! 
Have another great week! be safe! Luke.. way to be tough!

Watson Elder. 

My Beautiful Big Family! 
Time is truly flying! Mom mentioned that you only have 28 days left or so in school... how crazy is that?? I clearly remember when school started! It feels like it was just yesterday! I hope you are all getting ready for a great summer! 
I loved all of your pictures and emails this week! Grandpa G happy 77!! almost to a new decade! Hannah, I’m so proud of you for learning how to shoot a gun :) and for making sure my parents are still healthy and alive:) ha - max, Luke, mom, I’m jealous with dad.. that you watched the new avengers without me.. And jarom and dad, I’m glad that you had a good time with the scouts this weekend :) and mom! congrats on the new calling!! ha you’ll do great! they need you in there! 
Speaking of which.. That reminds me of what happened this week!  So our district had this idea, since we like basketball, to start a little basketball day up in the downtown where there is tons of people. It will be just like English class.. we will start with a prayer, a thought.. and then we will use our talent of basketball to "win the hearts of the people" and then we will set up with them from there.  -- so this week was our first week of doing it.. we had no idea how it was going to go, but let me tell you.. it went GREAT:)  we chose this park up by the parliament building ( the big white castle one ), literally its right next to it by the duna river. It’s a pretty park. There are TONS of people there.. tons of tourists.. and everything. On Friday we did this and the weather was perfect. As we showed up there was people already playing ball, so we invited ourselves in and they were like.. seniors in high school who all played on the Hungarian national team, I was pumped :) ha-ha my eyes just got huge.. I was like.. Bring it on.. this will be a great missionary opportunity :) So, we started playing 4 on 4 half court and I was talking to them in Hungarian the whole time and they were impressed by how well I could speak and they asked me " where did you learn Hungarian?? why are you here? where are you from?" ( like the perfect questions if you’re a missionary.. :) ha ) so I explained that we were missionaries for the church.. and that we are here to teach people the restored gospel that was lost and that we are here to help people in anyway. Then we started playing.. and then 20 min. later 10 other players on a different high school team showed up and then we divided into teams and said that we will play tons of mini games and the winner will keep playing. They all agreed. There were TONS of tourists around the fence watching us. And there was a spot in the fence where people could come sit and watch.. and that was full with people.. youth and middle aged people. And so everyone.. literally everyone saw us with our name tags on. ha :) ha it was great. so when we divided teams I purposely ( since I was kind of in charge) put us missionaries together on a team of 4 ( the pest missionaries came too, so we have 4 people out of all of us that loved to play ball and played in high school, so us 4 played together)  we were way smaller than all the other kids, but I didn’t care. ha I was like.. we will show them up. And that’s exactly what we did. The 3 elders I played with.. one was from lone peak.. he played football there. Then one was from orem.. and I guess he remembered playing me back in 8th grade.. I guess he guarded me. Then the other was a kid from Wisconsin who played in high school. and I was the tallest. ha so this was our team. everyone else was like.. 6.3.. 6.2.. or taller. We started to play and we just wrecked them.. we didn’t lose! ha They asked me if I played ball and I said that I am going to at BYU Hawaii ( I was wearing their shirt that day ). -- But the best part of it all was when everyone and their dog were watching us.. And I was guarding supposedly the best player out of everyone else ( honestly.. they were like.. okay varsity players.. the level is completely different here than it is in America. ) And he drove and I swatted the snot out of him.. ha I got the long rebound.. cleared it behind the 3 point line. in-between the baseline and the wing.. and I saw that that same guy was still under the hoop standing there whining... so I was like " here it is! :) " here is my  opportunity:) " ha I literally sky rocketed and dunked it on his head. ha I jumped from like 6. 7 feet away and I had a sick.. pretty.. super hard.. one handed dunk over him. haha and the other missionaries started to freak out and scream and run around.. the football player literally ran out of the park.. and it got everyone’s attention and tons more people started to watch. ( I wish we would’ve recorded it.. it would be a YouTube for sure.. ) during that moment I felt my legs were so loose and I could just fly... ha it’s the best feeling :) So anyway.. everyone was impressed and surprised.. we were clearly the best team there.. 4 missionaries.. haha it was so much fun. we played for a couple hours and then spent another hour talking to people about our lives and about what we are doing here and we actually got a couple people to meet with us. It was an amazing missionary experience... The lord truly blessed me and us to play well.. to jump high.. so that we could look super good.. to earn the peoples respect so that they would listen to our message. Modern day example of what Ammon did. And we, in all of our lives.. have many talents.. we need to develop and use those. Because the lord needs us to. he needs us to become great in our talents so that we can have these kinds of experiences. so that we can be instruments in the hands of god for the salvation of his children. And with faith.. He is able to cause miracles to happen in our lives. It was another powerful testimony to me of this.
Other than that, this week we spent a few hours in Africa. ha and I got some good news! Kenny is on bap date for May 31st!!!!! AND.. karoly.. from békéscsaba.. that x reformist priest that I found?? HE GOT BAPTIZED  on Saturday! It was so cool to see. --- so Kenny literal only eats African food.. and it’s like.. REAL African food. he buys all the African foods. So he made us some this week.. he made us plantin.. and Egoosi soup. trust me.. it smelled horrible. it literally smelt like horse. so gross.. but it was the first food that I’ve smelled that is horrible and the taste was completely different. it wasn’t bad.. it was african rice.. pork.. egoosi soup.. made from an african seed called egoosi. and then plantin.. that looks like a LARGE banana! I was holding it in the picture. its taste is sooo crazy. I can’t explain it. But it was edible for me. ha my comp struggled with it.  so that was a fun little experience. he also was teaching me some Araba! which is the african language that he speaks? so now I talk to him in araba sometimes! :) after learning Hungarian.. other languages are like a piece of cake! ha but anyway, that was the fun experiences this week :) 
Just a reminder! next Sunday morning at 9 o’clock your time I will be skyping you all :) I’m so excited to see you all!  don’t be late!:) 
I love you guys!
Elder Watson 

My Dear Beautiful Family, 
What’s up family? Long time no talk! ha. It was so good skyping you guys yesterday. You all look really good. The guys were looking good, yes, even you dad and grandpa! And the ladies were looking great as ever! I’m so blessed to have an amazing beautiful family! I love you guys! 
It’s pretty crazy how time flies huh? Now I only have one skype to go, and then I am home! Although there is still a lot of work to be down here in Hungary, I’m excited for what the future has in store for all of us. 
This week not too much happened, but at the same time a lot of things happened. We had interviews with president. It was the last interview that I would have with him before the next mission president comes in. They went really well. President smith did a really good job here. It was cool to serve around him. The next interview I have will most likely be in Hungarian with the first Hungarian mission president ever. 
On Tuesday, my companion must have eaten something bad, because he was feeling really sick the whole day. We had to cancel most of our programs so that he could rest a little bit. I decided to clean our gross apartment. ha 
On Saturday we played basketball again up by the parliament building on the river. It went really well. We have met a lot of friends and have had some investigators come out of it. Then,  that night, we had to teach English class and then quickly head up to the adults session of stake conference. It was a really good stake conference, we talked about missionary work like the whole time. 
Then on Sunday we had stake conference again, I got to meet up with all my old friends from Gyor. I was really excited to see all of them. 
Then I had the amazing opportunity to skype with my family! I had a great time seeing and talking with all of you. once again, you all look great and I am so excited to come back home and hang out with you. We definitely have a lot of things to do! 
This upcoming week is another normal week. Except we have a concert to go to on Friday night and then there is this international youth activity that is taking place in kis pest, and we have to be there to translate for all the people who don’t speak Hungarian. So that should be interesting. 
This week I had a really cool experience as I met with Kenny. We sat down with him one day, and we learned a little bit of English and then we started talking about the gospel and he asked a question about the holy ghost and about the devil. He said that like.. sometimes when he wakes up, especially on the day that we are meeting him, and he has this thing in his head tell him that he shouldn’t meet with us, and sometimes he gets close to canceling like on that day for example.. and then he has this feeling all the time but once we show up, it leaves and he feels really good. -- to me it was a very interesting comment/question. After that we had a long talk on the forces of good and evil, of light and darkness.. of truth and not truth and of the holy ghost and then the temptations of the devil. Then We felt prompted to talk to him about the priesthood and to tell him about priesthood blessings, then we offered him one and he accepted. The spirit was so strong as we were able to give him that blessing. After the blessing he told us that he has never felt like that in his life. It was another strong testimony to me about the reality of the forces of God, and the evil forces from the devil. ITS REAL. as missionaries, we experience it all the time. And this lesson was confirmed to me once again, that usually the greatest things, or the greatest blessings, lay ahead of us as we are in the deepest trials and temptations. But after the trial of our faith, do we receive the witness or the blessings. I testify that this is true. I testify that Satan’s servants are about in the world trying to tempt us, and distract us, and trying to keep us in the darkness. But I also boldy testify that Gods servents and angles are courageously going about in the world bringing people to the truth, saving souls, and fighting against evils. The question to all of us is " are we going to listen to God? or are we going to listen to Satan?" Are we going to listen to that loud voice that tells you to not to be bold and help this person, or not to be bold and to rather live in fear? or are we going to listen to that still small voice that tells us to be good, to live good, and to do good? And to live boldy, courageously, and valiantly having the name of Christ written upon our foreheads? -- Kenny, luckily, thank goodness, in this moment, listened to that still small voice that said to keep meeting with the missionaries, to listen, and to accept. If he had decided not to meet with us that day.. he wouldn’t have received the powerful priesthood blessing that he received that day. 
In our lives, we can look and see many of these examples, small and big. And we can see times when we listen to the loud voice instead of the small. but, because of the atonement of Jesus Christ we can change today. We can change now, to listen to that still small voice. May we always choose to live valiantly. And  choose to fallow that still small voice, and hold on to that iron rod. That we may win the end of our faith, even salvation to our souls! 
Love you guys! have another great week! 
Watson Elder. 

My beautiful Family!! 
Well! 14 down! A few left to go! I hope you are all getting ready for a great summer! We are here! The tourists are coming out, you meet more Americans than you do Hungarians.. every once in  while you have an overly nice couple come up to you saying "ELDERS! ELDERS! IM SISTER SMITH! ( like every other Mormon in Utah) " haha :) But its true! we ran into a few Mormons from America this week! Even this morning, as we were heading to our emailing place we get on the metro.. and these two people were looking at us funny, I could tell they weren’t Hungarian and they said " Hey Elders" ha :) It was a father and a son and they were from sandy Utah on a trip. I got to see Carter and his parents this week. We met and they took us out to lunch at this place called gringo amigos.. It’s really good. It was really cool to see them! I feel like carter has been home for like a year! It’s only been like 6 months though! His family is really nice. Yesterday they headed off to Rome to finish up their European trip! 
This weekend Piroska got baptized and I got to assist in giving her the holy ghost and confirming her. Her story is an interesting one. I’ll tell it at the end :) 
A couple crazy things happened this week as well. During priesthood meeting yesterday our bishop came in and pointed at me and told me to come out for a minute. As I walk out there is a family of 3 standing at the door. I walk up to meet them and I realize that they don’t speak that good of Hungarian. The bishop then told me, in Hungarian, that he can’t speak English and that these people came to investigate the church. So he left me and I started to get to know this family. there was the mom, the dad, and then a 17 year old boy.  I talked to them in really simple English.. Because they were from Ukraine! (Idk how to spell it) ha:) but they were form Ukraine and they fled from Ukraine 6 months ago to Hungary because they lived really close to the war. They were able to come to Hungary because the wife has some ancestors from Hungary. But she doesn’t speak. So they have lived here for 6 months, they are starting to work. and they are learning Hungarian because of the war. And they believe in Christ and they wanted to attend a church and they found this one! as soon as I heard that.. I knew that it wasn’t by accident that they came here and I know that in the future they will get baptized. they have been so prepared. we set up with them, and they said that they loved church.. the feeling. Because they couldn’t understand a word. ha and they said that they would be back next Sunday. we got their number.. and a miracle just took place! It was amazing. 
this week we also have had some time to try and find some new finding areas.. and where ever we went it was really successful :) we did some tracting and streeting this week.. nothing too new :) haha 
I turned into a marriage counselor this week! We had a really intense lesson with Kenny, and we have taught him everything but the law of Chasity.. and we purposely saved it till the end.. but I had to tell them that in order for them to get baptized that they had to get married. After the lesson they said they would talk about it over the next few days and they will see. so it was like a make it break it lesson. and so be praying for them! idk what the laws are.. or legal issues are.. but somehow, someway.. I hope they can get married. we will see how they took it this week :) 
all in all.. it’s getting really warm here.. summer is coming. Budapest is being filled with tourists... and our working is just getting better and better and more and more miracles are taking place! 
I had the opportunity of holding a bap. interview with piroska on Friday. And her story is quite amazing. She first found out about the Mormons from YouTube online. she found this family, who was Mormon.. and I guess they put out a ton of videos about their live and everything.. well.. she would follow these people and she really wanted to have a life like theirs.. 2 weeks later, she met with the missionaries for the first time on the street and immediately wanted and accepted everything. a couple weeks later she was baptized. I honestly think this is a great lesson for me, and for all of us. 1, people are out there and they are being prepared and are prepared. 2, the lives that we live.. the lives that you live back home.. has such a great impact. in fact.. so big that you don’t even know how big. you never know who is watching.. you never know what your examples can do for someone else. you never know how far one act of kindness will  go. 
I just wanted to encourage you guys to keep building great habits of faith. keep building your character. keep progressing. keep doing good things and keep being good people. you have no idea how far your example.. how far your light of Christ that is in you will take you. 
be ye therefore an example of the believers!!!!!!
Love you all! 
Watson Elder

My Beautiful Family! 
Well, another week has gone, and another week has come. Transfers are next week, which is insane to me. Which means.. next week pday will be on Tuesday and then transfers will be on Wednesday. Right now, I am expected to stay here in Kis Pest. Which is great because I honestly love being up here in the big city. Our work is great, the place is beautiful, and our apartment is just getting better and better! haha And ill mention why in just a second. 
Like I mentioned, this week was pretty crazy and it was raining all week. On Monday, during emailing I got a call from President Smith and he asked me if I could do him another favor.. and I said yes, and then he said that something’s have gone down in the mission and he asked me if I could pick up another missionary in my companionship for a week or so til the big transfers. So we left pretty immediately from emailing over to the mission home to pick up this missionary. His name is Elder peregoy. So.. we are in a 3 some! haha for at least another week. It’s very interesting being in a 3 some. But I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons from it. more like.. missionary wisdom. ha with a 3 some.. it is like.. VITAL.. to make sure that each missionary is involved in every lesson. That has been my goal all of last week and all of this week. Because if a missionary doesn’t have an opportunity to speak or bare testimony in a program.. soon discouragement comes, and then the feeling of uselessness, and then they feel like they are bad missionaries.. then insecurities hit.. and it’s just bad. ha so I’ve been trying to do that. takes more planning, but it’s been working great lately. we have had very powerful programs this last week in which resulted in a new person who is getting baptized on June 7. And then 2 more who are considering a bap. date. So this week was actually really successful :) 
The reason I said that our apartment is getting better and better is because I fixed the mold problem that we had in our bathroom, and then we got a new fridge:) ha my next project is getting a new bed!  ha :) 
Mom! I really loved every pic that we sent me of what you guys did this last week! I’m proud of max for winning and doing great! It looked like you guys had tons of fun. I’ll be honest.. seeing you guys on the beach... really made me jealous.. ha all I could picture is Hawaii! :) But I’m really glad that you all had a great time and now, as I type this you guys are pulling an all-nighter and driving home. ha that is one long drive... good luck dad! 
This week we went tabling in the big city for the first time ever. I thought it would be really cool and it would be really successful to go to one of the big squares they have in the downtown of Budapest.. set up our table and ( for some reason.. this ward has huge. NICE.. legit poster boards of the restoration and about the book of Mormon. So we used those, propped those up, and then started to talk to people. It honestly went really good. we were able to get some new investigators and give out a lot of books of Mormon! We would’ve done it more this week, but it was raining all week and we also had a lot of other programs so we really didn’t have much time to go finding. 
This week also, as you can see from all the pictures.. we went and visited just about every cool place you can go in Budapest. it was super fun. And it only started to rain on us at the very end. But really, Budapest is a very pretty city. It’s one to come back to, that’s for sure. The pictures sometimes don’t do justice for how pretty it was. We hiked up to gellert Hegy, which is that statue that is on a mountain that overlooks all of Budapest.. and that is where the Elder nelson dedicated Hungary to missionary work and blessed the land. It was super cool to be up there and to just imagining having elder nelson dedicated and open the land to missionary work.  In the Prayer... Elder Nelson said a lot of cool things. 1) One day.. Hungary will be dotted with stakes and wards.. And 2) The lord has prepared people for those missionaries who have been fore-ordained to come and serve here.  I thought about that as I was standing up on Gellert Hegy.. and I just wanted to let you guys that I know that these two things are true and that they will come to pass! But it’s not just me, its everyone who is involved. Its everyone is willing to make the sacrifice. We are all building up the kingdom of God in Hungary. because without each and every one of you.. I wouldn’t be here! 
I love you guys! have a great week! 
Watson Elder

My Beloved Family, 
Welcome to June! Welcome to Summer! I don’t know how I should start this email out! So much has gone on this week that I am almost left speechless! 
First of all I wanted to tell max that I am very.. very.. impressed and very proud of him for all of his basketball accomplishments. I had the wonderful opportunity this morning to watch a little bit of game film from the cali tournament. Bud, you are looking really good and your potential is literally out of the roof. NEVER STOP IMPROVING! keep killing it man. I’m a proud older brother. ---- the second thing that I wanted to tell you.. is I wanted to comment on your little... elves... skit thing you did. lol. Mom sent me a good video of it and.. well.. after that I was also left speechless! haha Was that really you???? do you really have that kind of voice??? it didn’t sound like you at all!!!!! I was very impressed. Keep it up bro! my prayers are always with ya! 
Drum roll please.............................................................. Elder Shad Watson has been called to serve in dunaujvaros in the Hungary Budapest Mission!! My feelings are so mixed right now I cannot even begin to explain them. President called us this morning and the unexpected happened! Our companionship is getting white washed.. or completely changed. He called me as Zone Leader in Duna. He mentioned that he also wants me to be District leader including to my Zone Leader responsibilities. My other two companions got called to different cities as well. At first it was kind of a heart breaker. because our work here is going sooooo good. I felt like I needed to stay at least another 5 weeks and we would be seeing a lot of baptisms. And I am still really sad about leaving my investigators that are here. But at the same time I am excited to have a greater opportunity to influence people for good and I am grateful for this opportunity. Everything happens for a reason, maybe there is people in duna that I need to find or something. the point is.. THE unexpected happened! I’m leaving Kis Pest after 1 transfer. it will be my shortest city that I’ve stayed in.. which is sad because it was one of my favorites. We will see what duna has in store for me! 
-- and the crappiest part about the whole thing is that I have to pack again!!!! I hate packing. ha 
here is the investigator update! :) 
Kenny has been thinking about getting married.. it’ll be at least a 4 month process and then they will get baptized. 
János Is getting baptized this Sunday and he has asked me to baptize him. Luckily Duna isn’t very far from Budapest and President will give me permission to travel back on Sunday morning to baptize him! 
Alexandra’s boyfriend Zoltan is getting baptized this Saturday! He wants me to baptize him but president won’t allow me traveling down here because it is too far. BUT!!! He is still getting baptized!:) :) They want to go to the temple in a years’ time! 
This week we had a miracle find with miracle programs following it. We were tracting and I was walking down the stairs of a 10 story building and I ran into this asian girl walking into her apartment and I felt like I should stop her. So I stopped her and I started to talk to her about the gospel and why we were there. She was kind enough to listen, and she accepted a book of Mormon and she set up with us a time to meet at the church. We met with her 2 days later, her name is Bongi, and she is from Vietnam. She has lived in Hungary for 10 years. And She brought her boyfriend who was a Hungarian who was a Baptist to the program. We got to know them, the boyfriend is very religious and they are very good, normal people. We watched the Restoration film with them and then talked to them about it. This was a very interesting program for me, because Bongi is my first investigator who literally had no knowledge of Jesus Christ. Most people we meet with have a Christian background. She is the first one who didn’t. In the first program the spirit was unbelievably strong. As we bore testimony of Joseph smith and of the reality of Jesus Christ the spirit quickly and powerfully filled the room. Then, her boyfriend was helping us teach her about Jesus Christ and the boyfriend then said "2 months ago I was thinking inside of me, " how in the world can I make her become a believer? " so I decided to pray and leave it up  to God because I am just a man " " Then, a month later, these boys come knocking on your door- it wasn’t on accident " I was in shock when the boy friend said this. I followed with my testimony that it wasn’t on accident either. ( we are speaking in Hungarian because she doesn’t speak English) Then, she agreed to try it out and she committed to follow what we have to say. The next program we had a huge lesson on Jesus Christ. We watched finding faith in Christ, we discussed faith, we talked about everything that Christ did, and is doing. It was a very special program. then last night, we taught her the plan of salvation to answer all the questions that she had, and because of the many questions she had, and because we had no other program to go to, we taught her for 2 and a half hours. She said, "next time we need to meet earlier so that we can have more time!!" I was in shock, once again. She has been so ready. And then she asked THIS QUESTION " IF someone wants to get baptized, what does one need to do? " In short, she wants it. IT is amazing. Then receiving this call this morning that I am leaving..  it was pretty hard. I’m sad that I won’t be able to teach them again, and that I won’t be here to see them progress and get baptized. But, a great miracle took place and it was another testimony to me.. that we are truly instruments in God’s hands. We were the answer to that man’s prayers. We were truly angles sent from heaven to save a lost soul. During each program, many special sacred things were shard which touched each one of our hearts greatly. --- In short, God loves his children! And has a plan for each one of them, and he listens to our prayers and desires. 
Tomorrow I head off for Duna. So next week we will see where I’m emailing at and at what time! Another adventure is ahead of us! 
I Love you all! Be safe, and have a great week! Finish Strong in school! 
sok szeretettel, 

Watson Elder

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